Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Around the Alley

I am a little behind on posting the photos from my daily, bike riding, adventures but with school fast approaching, an art festival in a few month along with casual get-togethers here and there, it's much to much!
Plus, I go out intending to work up a sweat and I end up finding all kinds of gems. I keep thinking eventually I won't see anything new but as I change up my route I notice new things each time [These are all from Monday]: I love wheat paste. One of my favorite street artist is Swoon! This reminded me of her work. This doesn't really count as 'street art' perse but I know I have mentioned Xvala. I see his stuff everywhere. I have even seen it in one of Norman's "hoity-toity" art galleries, he must be big time. This is the back entrance to one of Norman's sandwich shops, Bison Witches. I thought the cut outs were a special detail for a back alley. I'm sure they make the garbage men smile everytime they empty the dumpster! "Oh, my magic 8 ball, will I meet my soul mate riding a bike and stenciling in an alley?" Answer: 'Signs point to yes.' (no lies, that's what it said) Ha! Damn the man and his nasty 'no parking' signs! If you like what you have seen so far, I recommend taking a risk, walk/ride down an unassuming alley and you may just be surprised by the beauty!

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