Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Trophies.

I finished a couple new pieces last night. the gazelle (seen in brown) didn't turn out so great. It got a bit unwanted over spray and it's crooked! Damnit! Win some lose some (that's life). I shouldn't be too disappointed I used some linen I had lying around and it didn't work as well as the canvas. Art is always a learning experience. In her current state, as far as selling goes, she doesn't make the cut. I'm going to have improvise. Should be interesting and hopefully inspiring.
Antelope! I really like the single, erect ear. It's full of personality and sass! I now have 5 completed pieces. The moose, antelope I, deer, gazelle and antelope II. I plan on starting some this evening of smaller scale. I still have to prepare them for hanging and figure out how I want to label them for sale. I think they should have names. Yes or No? Has it been over done (ie: "beanie babies")?

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