Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Characters

These are the sketches from the guys I met yesterday. Let me clarify. When I say "met" I don't really mean we're friends. I just mean, words were spoken and they have memorable faces. I didn't get this guys name but he stopped me while I was walking down Main yesterday. He asked me if I knew where the nearest Kinko's/copy center was. I hesitated because the nearest Kinko's was on the other side of town probably 5 or so miles but he said that he had just biked from OKC so anywhere in Norman was close. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, he was drenched in sweat but I was still excited that he was such an ambitious rider.This is Bob. He didn't tell me his name but I deduced it. We had a conversation about my name and I used one of his quotes for the sketch. He runs/owns the Midway Market in Norman. I had never been to the Midway but I had heard it's sort of a community hang out. Sure enough, everyone that came in while I was in knew him and he knew them by name. They called him Bob, must be his name. Bob made me the best sandwhich I have ever lies. It's no surprise that the people in there know him, I plan on making it a regular pit stop on my bike route. He even had cherry soda in bottles...Refreshing!

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