Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Loquacious Literature

Before I jump into the topic at hand I must make a promise. I vow that tomorrow I will have some of my work posted. I have been working, it's just been sporadic. Things keep popping up and distracting me from my work (things like songwriters and wine bars). I guess slow coming is better than no coming.

Back on track. Yesterday I finished "Into the Wild." I was so moved I had to go pick up another book otherwise I would have drove off in my car never to return. I picked up Thoreau's, "Walden." I'm an introduction and eight pages in and I must say, I'm hooked. I know "loquacious" may scare some of you away but his style and descriptive language is beautiful no matter if he's filling an entire page with a single sentence or not. Plus, he's sort of sexy, right? It's a bonus! I hear he denounced sex but really he was a slut. It's ok, I will forgive you and your stunning, rugged face, Henry. As an artist, I can identify with sending the message you wish so badly to adhere. Although I haven't read much, I'm still going to plug "Walden." Opening the sketch book as I type...cheers!

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