Friday, August 28, 2009

Missing Art School

Tonight, at the opening, I saw several familiar faces and did some catching up. Man, I miss art school. Walking around the print studio and seeing all the amazing work really made me wish I were part of an art community again. All that creative energy in one building! It's amazing. I guess we take things for granted until they're absent. I think as a student you're just so focused on meeting deadlines that sometimes you don't realize all the resources that are at your finger tips. Maybe it's time for me to get out there and start an MFA? Oh, life, so complicated! Cool bikes for cool art kids. Print shop graffiti has really grown since my long,hard nights there. This was super! I almost stole it but I figured someone might notice. Sohail graffiti already started and it's only the first week? He's a popular guy. Teaches figurative sculpture, has an exotic accent, loves opera music, and has a Starbucks cup in his hand 95% of the time. Quite the character...he gave me a B and then apologized when I saw him outside of school afterward. Sometimes I think it's my blue eyes... :) When I first spotted him he was behind the table with the food. I guess he's a waiter now. He definitely 'classed up' the spread. Well, I've put off finishing those projects long enough. Ciao!

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