Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back to Business

You can't play all the time...I have been working on a new way to mount the stencils. One thing I long for in a career is constant learning. That's just one of the many reason I love art. I'm always trying something new and learning on the way. Here are some of my latest endeavors: I used embroidery hoops as stretchers. The bison was the first try. I still don't have all the kinks worked out but the lion came a lot quicker. I really like the "crafty, old lady" quality they have. It's an interesting dichotomy?


  1. I love these!!! Both of the stencils are awesome and look great using the "crafty, old lady" quality! Plus I like that you are using the backside of the fabric instead of the overpowering right side. Dichotomy... definitely!!

  2. Actually, I have just been "white washing" the farbric to tone it down. Using the backside may be a more efficient way. Thanks!