Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bike Fun

Yesterday I found out that I was getting some money back on my bike (long story)! I had the option of taking the cash or store credit. Given the situation, I decided to take store credit. Support local, small business and the "oh-so rare," honest, business man. Anyway, I'm excited about accessorizing. What girl isn't? City ordinance says I need a light if I'm going to ride at night. Perhaps I should invest?Or maybe something like this?
I know this isn't the coolest thing but in it's defense it's more about function than form. When I go for a ride I find myself stuffing things (probably more than I really need) into my over packed bag and coming home with aching shoulders. This would be such a relief but is it worth risking my fashion reputation? I hear next season "hunchback" is the new black!Everyone needs a water bottle when they're riding. I have been carrying one in my bag. Again, I need to lighten the load. I have decided if I go with the rack I'm not going to get the water bottle cage. That would be pushing it. I like that these come in several colors though. What to do, what to do? Find it all at Planet Bike.

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