Sunday, August 23, 2009


[A little of a disclaimer] So, I have a few more post to make on this Sunday evening. I've been busy and my schedule continues to mount. Yippee! I dig pressure as long as it comes in spurts. Today I drove up to Schlegel Bicycles for their outdoor festival. I had never been there but their shop was very cool. It's up on 'Automobile Alley' which was also very happening. If I ever need another hybrid bike, I will throw down the cash for this one. It's too purdy! I have this weird obsession with tandem bikes. They are so romantic! Maybe it's not weird, maybe everyone loves them as well? One day I shall have one, hopefully it will come with a good man to pedal with me. While I was at the shindig not only did I decide I will one day have a tandem bike, I also decided I will eventually own a road bike. Before I die I'm going to go the distance, 40-50 miles per day. Yea, that's right...I can do it! To the lake and back. There was one that caught my eye (it was just my size), then I turned over the price tag: 6k! I had to pick up my jaw and slowly back away.I don't think I have ever mentioned my obsession with Toyota's FJ cruiser before; well, I love 'em. And what better to haul my expensive road bike with? Big dreams!

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