Sunday, August 23, 2009

Made You Look 09

The "Made You Look" show had a lot of great street art. There was a large turnout. I was surprised, since so many people view public art as 'vandalism' but apparently there is quite a following. It was an interesting crowd. It ranged from art enthusiast to delinquent teenagers, and even families. They had live demos Saturday afternoon and I'm sorry I missed them. Here are some of the completed works: Inside, they had a little makeshift gallery. The atmosphere and the art work were very congruent. The walls were made of plywood that had been painted black and the only light was a utilitarian, shop lamp on a stand. It felt as though we were looking at something forbidden, and may get caught and have to make a break for the door at any minute. All-in-all the show was a hit. The only downfall was its location-Bricktown. I hadn't been to the area in some time and after the show I realized I wasn't missing much. It's lame, the area is very hoaky and commercialized. Another knock against it is the lack of [free] parking. I could deal with having to pay to park if the destination were worthwhile...

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