Sunday, August 9, 2009

Okie Twist Off!

Yesterday I hit the Okie twist off with a couple of my buddies. It was a hoot! Described as a "Kustom car and bike show, over 10 bands and trash culture merhandise." Good ol' 66 Bowl! Rockabilly goodness! Can you believe this photo was taken yesterday, in 2009? Custom Ford Edsel and a whole lotta attitude! Barb and I scoping the lovely, yet ecclectic, mix of rides. This work of art reminded me of "The Munsters.""The walker" My first car was a '70 el caminio, this one has about 15/20 years on mine. Many of the custom cars at the show were 'works in progress' this one was finished and it was beautifully 'tricked out!' These are some of the things you see when they're comin' at ya: And when they're passing you, you see this: (This was the highlight of the day for me) their ribbon reads "support strippers." Yes! I just had to have my picture taken with it. Fun times! [Photos credit of Doug Hill].

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