Monday, August 17, 2009

Breaking Rules...

...showing an ugly experiment, dirtying up my blog. I have found it's just as important to document the process as the final piece. Also, what if someone offers up some incredible insight? The possibilities are endless so being a bit untidy is worth the risk. Without further ado: I know, I know, even if you squint it's still a mess. Here's the story: It's vinyl. I didn't have clear (which would have been ideal). The only transparent vinyl I have has a yellow hue, but it was suitable for a trial run. It would also have photographed much nicer had I stretched it. Again, this was all a learning experience: Will the spray paint adhere to the vinyl? will it bleed badly? Will it ever dry? These type of questions were answered. Furthermore, this is the idea I have: I was thinking I would stretch patterned fabric behind the vinyl! With the correct execution it could be interesting, right? I'm up for ideas and pointers!

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