Sunday, August 23, 2009


As I mentioned in my last post, I had to flee the Bricktown area as soon as possible. It was still early so I headed over to the Paseo District. The Paseo comes highly recommended by me. I have a soft spot for 23rd street anyhow, throw in an art district and I'm in never-never land!
I stopped by a little restaurant in the Paseo and sat at the bar. They usually have a live band but unfortunately, last night they didn't. In fact, they were extremely slow for a Saturday night. I was the only one at the bar. The weather was terrific so most people were on the patio.

I had a couple of drinks and chatted with the bartender most of the night. It was enjoyable. I usually steer clear of bars because they feel like meat markets but since I was the only one there it was nice. I engaged in some decent conversation and did some sketching. The characters: Meet Dusty, the cute bartender. He rides mountain bikes and has recently joined one of the 57 rowing teams in OKC. All I can say is, attractive and social=good tips from lonely girls. :) Well hello, Chris! This guy seemed stereotypical of the area. A super high-bee hippy with dreads. He couldn't stop smiling. After several minutes of very cyclical conversation he told me he had eaten a lot of acid. Finally, something makes sense! He also kept saying 'this and that,' "I do a little this and that." "I sold my bike for this and that." It was much more entertaining than Bricktown on a good day. On my way out I caught this guy playing the drums in front of my car. I sat there with my windows rolled down listening to him by the moonlight. Then I hit the highway, my home.

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