Monday, August 31, 2009

Triple Threat Talent

Previously I mentioned the Plaza Art Festival in which me and 2 of my close friends are participating. It's going to be October 3, which is fast approaching. We are suppose to have a sign for our booth and we have all been at a lose. Barb's husband, Doug, had the bright idea of using their daughter's old, bass case for the sign. It's multi-purpose, signage and storage. Brilliant! Occasionally, I underestimate men (that's suppose to be funny, haha).

Without further ado: For weeks we have struggled with a name. Last night, I decided to stencil the background of the case just to get started. After I finished the background I noticed the Chinook stencil sitting in the garage. I had cut it months ago for another project and it was the wrong scale so it was left over. I had almost pitched it but my mom convinced me to keep it, thanks mom! After I picked up the stencil the name just came to me. Dropping "crafty goodness" from the sky is pretty threatening right? Happy Birthday to Triple Threat Talent!

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