Wednesday, August 12, 2009


As promised. Some of my latest work. Today I have a free day (the last one of the summer). Last night my aunt called me and informed me that she is hosting a bridal shower for her son in September. She begged me to whip something up before this Friday and apologized for the short notice. She's lucky I work best under strict deadlines. She's also my favorite aunt (Shhh) so it's wasn't terrible. Her and Sean have worked like crazy to finish their amazing backyard which has apparently been transformed into an oasis and the perfect party spot. She did not want to have a themed party, she asked that the invites be elegant. Since they have several koi ponds she suggested that I use the fish as a reference for the presentation.

After a little putting around town and relaxing, drinking wine, I worked until 2am and ended up with a "semi-finished" product: This is the pencil drawing I started out with. Once I established the composition I envisioned, I used water colors to add some depth. Voila! scanned and edited in Photoshop. I have asked them to write the text for me as I don't even know the brides last name (shame!) or times and details. I would like to have the text printed on vellum and attached to the koi (which will be printed on creme cardstock). I know the whole vellum overlay is sort of cliche for wedding print media but I like the idea of people being able to keep my art! To justify, sometimes it's overdone for a reason and that's because it's timeless. There goes my head...growing like Jack's Beanstalk! On that note, g'day to all!

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