Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dreams and Decisions

Is this little girl ready for graduate school? Yes, she is. This past year has been a whirlwind. I went from investing time and money into applying to law school and then in the last leg of the process I realized it wasn't for me. At least not at the moment. Then, I started taking web design classes at a community college. This has gone well but I just don't think I'm the type of person to have a 'grown up' job. I can't follow the typical path, never have. Plus, I dream of a life of mobility, traveling the country with a pack of stencils and a load of spray paint. I have decided it's time to pursue my MFA. I'm doing it. Against all common since and most likely my parents blessing. I see these signs a lot. Mostly when I'm contemplating my goals and aspirations. When I see them I think, "Thank goddess it's not a 'one way' sign" but really I don't like the idea of any limitations. What if I want to go a different way? Like straight into that flowing field of grass? If I had to chose between this sign or a "one way" sign I would take this but it's still food for thought. Anyway, I deviate. I have narrowed the schools down to five. I WILL apply to all of them. Here they are in order of preference:
1.) SCAD
2.) KU
3.) UNM
4.) AAU
5.) SFSU
This fall/winter there will be road trips to as many of these schools as possible. If you're up for it, come along. Partake in the next major decision I make in my life!


  1. Hey!!! I am so glad that you are wanting to continue your education! If I am going to be in school forever I think you should too :) Really... I live 6 or so hours from UNM so you could road trip here and the we can road trip there! I love, love, love Georgia and would love to visit the school with you! In fact I would love to continue my education (whatever that maybe) somewhere there... not Savannah, but somewhere close!! KU that one cracks me up!!! I just can picture you standing in the corn and sunflower fields!! hahahahahaha!!! I support you in whatever and where ever you decide!!

  2. Plus I love the old pictures! I am so glad that I was there to enjoy all the "Bj" moments!! It took me a minute, but I recognized the White Sands picture!! :)

  3. Thanks girlie!I'm always confident that no bizarre my ideas you're always there to support! The Savannah campus doesn't offer an MFA in printmaking so I applied to Atlanta. Which should be just as bitchin'!

    I applied to SCAD and NMU today! I have completed the application, paid the's on to the hard part. Transcripts, letters of recommendations, resume, statement of intent and portfolio!!!! So much to do! I'll need all the luck I can get! Love you! I will let you know when I decide to start trekking the countryside!

  4. Exciting!!! And Atlanta is where I would want to be too!! Maybe we will end up going graduate school together! ;) Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!! Love you!