Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shower Conlcusion

Well the shower is officially over. Before you know it there will be a "mini Jamie" toddling around! The party was a hit. Jamie had a wonderful time and she made off with a chest full of booty! I'm relieved its over but I would do it all over again just to see the smile if put on Jamie's face. Cake and Punch. One of Jamie's friends from work made the cake! It was fancy and tasty. My mom and I made Jamie a blanket that doubled as the table cloth for the shower. We put some plastic on top of it to protect it. We had a packed house. Oh shower games... It was that funny. Note my mother to the left. This is why she resist the camera. [Love you mom!] Mommy and Grandma. All grown up! Jamie's due Nov. 5. It's getting close. Today was a day for Jamie and she deserved it. Pretty soon all eyes will on that little bundle of flesh. From now until then,celebrate Jamie!

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