Friday, September 11, 2009

Issues in Professionalism

Although I'm not schooled in the matter, we do indeed offer a class on "Issues in Professionalism." Since school has started all my student employees have returned! I was happy to have them back, the summer was a little bland with them away. This semester I decided to use the message board in my office for business. Last year it was new and we had a lot of fun playing. This year is about functionality, except today I noticed a little message that was, well, a little "catty." Womyn are a bit out numbered in our office so it really should be erased, but it made me chuckle. In fact, the Dean of Admissions came in and was actually amused, I think he expected some dramatic story. I told him my students are just silly. Maybe I'll clean it Monday, as for today it puts a smile on my face, it's like grade school all over again.

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