Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I don't think I have mentioned that I'm currently enrolled in an inrto. to multimedia class. It's online so it has been a bit 'back burner' but I have several upcoming projects. Our first project was to create a logo using flash. Since my latest passion revolves around bikes I decided to use this bike company as a jumping off point.

Check out my novice flash skill here.

After I finished I realized it's not really a logo. It's more of a banner or some site decoration but it's a start. I'm still not quite sold on the whole 'flash craze' but it's growing on me.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated!


  1. I like it... but I think it would be bit better if it was slower. Could just be my old ass!! I love how you made the "tomahawks" a part on the bike and how the bike is an outline!!

  2. Thanks. I agree. I think it should be a bit slower. At least the last part with the 'logo.' I have been tweaking it and watching some tutorials so maybe I can figure it out. It's not something that's on the top of my list right now. I was really trying to get it out of the way so I would have something turn it. I have so much on my mind...I just want to make art all day! :)