Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Moving On

Tonight I went up to visit my grandparents and scope out their stash of bikes. They have mentioned that they had a few old bikes in their shed and since I'm now in the market for a road bike, but find myself penniless, I figured I better go see what they have. They had three bikes all cruisers, one with 3 gears. All three bikes could use a little TLC but they were in decent condition.

While they didn't have any bikes I could take off their hands, I may still be getting a free road bike thanks to them. My grandpa had stopped by the grocery store before he came home and while he was shopping he saw one of his doctors who is also a close, family friend. He told the doc that I was visiting and came to look at some bikes. The doc offered me one of his old bikes which is apparently a 10 or 15 speed. I just hope it's not a mountain bike. Fingers crossed!

Long story even longer, on my way back I was enthralled by tractor trailers. They were everywhere! Because I can't have a post lacking in photos.Pizza and SF, perfection! Saw one of these today, it's a piece of art even in all it's function.
There were trucks in different shapes and sizes, all with lights and chrome glistening in the dusk! I'm really into driving but it's hard to focus when semi trucks are around, they have so many contours and details and their presence is just massive! This experience serves as a point of reference for my next body of work which will hopefully start sooner than later. September seems lucky so far, a new bike may be in the midst and the weather has been exceptionally beautiful. Perhaps, I will find time to start some new stencils? Stay tuned!

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