Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Window Shopping

I want a road bike. I've committed to becoming sporty spice. It's something new and I'm enthusiastic. I spend my days inside and can't wait to break free at 4pm. I just want to ride, car, truck, bike, helicopter, it doesn't matter. I just long for a brisk wind upon my face.

When I picked up my bike from the bike shop last week the guys gave me a hard time about my business card which reads, "Artist.Designer.Speed Racer." They told me if I'm going to have the title 'speed racer' on my card I need a faster bike. I have come to accept this. I don't foresee racing in my future but six months ago I never thought I would be this into biking. You just never know...
I will probably end up with a used road bike as I just purchased a snazzy hybrid to putt around town on. If money fell from the heavens I would purchase one of these: Terry Isis ProSpecialized Dolce Triple
Now I just need to invest in a helmet for my pretty little head. :)

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