Friday, September 25, 2009

Hallo's Eve

Oh Halloween! How I covet thee. Every year I spend hours focusing on costumes, decorations, and glorious treats! It's by far, my most beloved holiday. Lately, I have been so busy and I figured this years festivities would be held to a minimum. Turns out, my soon-to-be roommate was so impressed by last years display that she is demanding we setup the whole shebang this year. Looking back, it was pretty extraordinary. Zombie. Princess Peach. Pirate. Vampire. Impaled. Giant black widow in my backyard! We were honored to have Jesus and the priest. He married Kurt and Courtney.Yoshi! There were no survivors. So I've thought about this, looked back at Halloween 2008 and I have decided we will decorate. It shouldn't be to overwhelming with the help of my mom and Taraneh. Hallo tag team! Now for a costume? For the past four of five years I have been part of a joint/couple costume. This year I'm the main event. Since I've been on this "less is more" kick and I work in an IT office I was thinking about being a mac: Cheap, sensible, simple. If I decide to go as a mac the guys at work will be the PC. Not because they will be dressing up but because they always dress similar to the "stylish PC." I also thought I would stencil the apple on my shirt or hoodie so people would better understand. We shall see. I'm determined to top last years house decorations. Stay tuned!

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