Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Praise the Second?

Since Saturday afternoon I have been feeling very frustrated(on the verge of furious). Good news, it's over, my car is fixed! Turns out it needed the 'cheap' part and some new brakes. I tend to worry and prepare myself for the worse case scenario so I was a mess last weekend. I have my wheels.Now it's time to cruise! Yesterday I found this little plastic gun, it made me feel better. I thought about shooting the moon, just the idea relieved a little tension. I decided to hang it from my key ring, it's my protection. I have been thinking a lot about guns since I have been single. I have even considered getting my 'conceal to carry' license. Really. I decided against it because it involves releasing personal information to big brother and that can only do harm. Anyway, I was inspired. Decided to work a bit in my studio this evening. Here's a peek. Now that I have to stroll to work an hour earlier I feel worn out about 10:30pm. It's quits for the evening. I'm off to relax with my soul mate (she has four legs, and understands everything I do and say). Nighty, night!

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