Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Finale

Tonight was my cousin's wedding shower. Last month they called me at the last minute demanding some custom invitations (click here for an refresher). The decorations were very classy and there was enough food to feed an army, ribs, chicken, brisket, shrimp, potatoes, cake, etc.,etc. It was all delicious! The center pieces consited of koi and live plants. Don't worry, the koi ended up in my aunt's ponds: Their back yard is amazing (that's my aunt in the white shorts)! They have spent endless hours working on it and it's like walking into some fancy resort. Its just to bad it was such a dreary evening. Things ended up for the better, everyone was with drink in hand and there were plenty of smiling faces to fend off all the gray. Me 'n my cuz, Jay. Me 'n my cuz, KT (we may be able to pass as sisters?)Me 'n my future sister-in-law, Flea.Me 'n the snazzy, smoker. I wanted to take him home with me but he was shy.Me, Ma, and the hummer, which I also tried to seduce...Did I mention that I have a tendency to really 'class up' a party? This may be hard to believe, but Noble High really made sure that we left with a firm background in etiquette. You have to let loose sometimes, although I don't recommend photographing the occasion!


  1. Ok... so I have a few questions. Is this still the same house that they have always lived in??? The backyard is amazing!! I want Jenny to come and fix mine!! Who's hummer?? And why aren't there any pics of the future couple?? Found that a bit funny since it was their party!!

  2. You're funny! Ok, first of all, yes, that is the same house that Jenni has always lived in. You have to see it, it's ridiculous the amount of work they have put into it. They have 2 ponds and they are constantly adding things.

    The hummer is Shawn's. He had to buy in that weight class for reasons I can not disclose but I want it!

    Jesse and Ashley were preoccupied the entire time and oddly enough, I didn't see them together except for once, I guess they were doing a good job of mingling.

    Everyone complimented me on the invitations so i suppose that means they were a hit! Are you going to my date for the wedding?

  3. I will if you would like for me too! When is it??

  4. Nov. 7th. It's in T-town. They have booked some rooms at the hotel where the reception is but I think I'm going to bounce back that night. If you're really interested and not to overwhelmed with school we can further discuss the details.

  5. I will check my calendar to see what all I have going on!!