Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rockin' Bebe's

As previously noted, I have been preparing for baby...Jamie's that is. Everything has been coming together nicely but I still haven't experienced the desire to have one of my own. Even the little clothes I purchased for decoration/gifts [in all their cuteness] aren't convincing me I need one of my own. I will admit, it has been fun making things for the nursery. Maybe I should market my crafts? When I went to see Jamie's nursery I noticed she didn't have a rocker, and it's a must (so I hear). My mom had several lying around so we snatched one out of storage, spray painted it brown and my mom made these adorable cushions:I absolutely love the fabric! My mom is an ace upholsterer, I'm sure it's her calling in life. Now function and beauty, that's more like it!

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