Friday, September 18, 2009

Firday Quicky!

It's Friday! It should have arrived yesterday but at least it's here. Today I woke up in a nasty mood. I even snapped at a couple of the guys at work. I think they were surprised, it's really the first time in my two year tenure that I have flown off the handle. They responded by simply mumbling, 'Woah.' I quickly realized how irrational I was being and apologized. They obliged and all is well. I'm so thankful I work with men, keeps things pretty straight forward. I'm stressed about many things, mostly my decision to pursue grad school and all that comes with applying as well as the upcoming Plaza festival and a baby shower for my friend, Jamie, next weekend! I can feel my blood pressure rise as I type this. In the midst of my "pseudo postal phase" this morning my best friend sent me a hefty email with this photo: It's funny how things work out! The sight of this photo immediately put a huge, toothy smile on my face. Timing is everything! My BFF, KC and I were cheerleaders back in the day, Go Bears! Can you believe how adorable we are? Rounding out a week of peeking into old scrapbooks. Weekend wishes!

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