Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Holiday!

I'm super stoked about having a short upcoming week. This whole ordeal with my car has had me stressed. I just dread the call telling me that's it going to cost me a pretty penny for some newfangled part.Grrr. And to think, I work in IT, you'd think I'd be in love with the "latest and greatest" gadget. I'm pretty much on the short end of the stick this time.Usually I'm the one getting paid to fix the problems. Today was a lazy day. I sat out in the heat with my parents and grandparents and soaked up the simple life. I also stuffed my face with plenty of good eats. I played sloth and glutton today now I ask for forgiveness. On the way back I had to stop by the rents to see my car...she's easy on the eyes, relieves anxiety! I'm ready for the week and that phone call from the car dealership, hell, bring it on!

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