Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Agenda

When my pal Taraneh and I get together we attempt to plan our evenings. It seems they have a knack for falling apart. Tonight we planned on heading over to Chandler to cheer on the bike riders cruising 140 miles down Route 66 to raise money for MS research. Instead we decided to hit OKC. It was a blast. I won't go into the details (I will let the photos speak for me) but it did involve some outstanding Iranian cuisine, giant, pomegranate margaritas, some great tunes and frozen yogurt! Lately I have been engaging in to much play:Zorbas. My new, favorite eatery. Can't beat $3.50 margaritas. They also have belly dancing but we missed it, damn. Maybe next time. Lushberries. Next time we will also try the crepes! Gobble, gobble. Turkeys are friends, not food!Nuts are great. Let's have some every season!

This week I plan to buckle down and work on some new pieces as well as prepare for our 'show' this weekend. Be sure to come check out Triple Threat Talent at the Plaza District Festival. We can always use the support!


  1. awesome!! Are you going to post these on facebook?
    Also, Doug needs to have that dog food picture or the one with Whoreis the ram as his profile pic! I think it would be just super!!

  2. ohoh! I forgot about Whoreis. HAHAHA. I will post those pics on facebook soon. Today is to beautiful to be sitting on the computer. I feel ashamed posting this much.