Saturday, September 19, 2009


It's been an extremely odd and exhausting weekend. It feels like days have passed and really it's just Saturday and yes, I still can't believe this whole situation with my aunt. Today I spent most of the day at the hospital, again. Things are looking really good. They moved her out of ICU and she can walk. She has full strength back in her right hand and she can put a couple of words together. I think her speech is going to be the biggest challenge to follow. We are all so happy things happened they way they did. It was caught early and they were able to dissolve the clot quickly.

Upon being moved out of ICU my mom and I departed from the hospital. I decided instead of spending the night toiling away in my lair I would hang out with my good friend, Taraneh (soon to be roomie!) and have a grand ol' time. Let me start by saying, I'm still ridiculously stuffed from delightful, comfort food. We stuffed our faces at Iguana Grill, walked next door Sara Sara Cupcake: "Green Tea" and "Judge Joe Cannon" "Hurry, hurry take my photo, I'm ready to devour this beautiful pastry!" I savored every bite! MMmmm. Sweet memories. Sad to see you go...

Oh my, my how I love cupcakes! We also hit CD warehouse Where I picked up Regina Spektor's new album, "Far." On the way out we stopped by Coffee Slingers. It was "ok". Again, I'm not a 'coffee kid,' but we decided that the environment was "blah." A little sterile for a coffee shop and not really in that good, utilitarian way. I should also add that I would have rather been in the bike shop next door...I may have come home with one of those beauties! It's been a pretty grand night! We polished off the evening with a bottle of champagne and some hearty laughter! I feel better and I love OKC.

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