Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Yesterday evening, after work, I spent a good six hours in my studio. I even spent an hour or so on my bike. I paid for it today. Everyone kept telling me I looked tired which usually means you look like crap. Oh well, I feel great getting things accomplished. There are plenty of [interesting] updates to come. I was so motivated last night that I couldn't wind down. I noticed my speeding ticket from back in July and I figured rather than throw it away I would recycle it: I'm sure they have put my $150 to good use in the quaint town of Anson, Texas (It probably bought the judge a new designer tie). This piece is dedicated to law enforcement everywhere and the safety they provide for us. Way to keep those druggies off the street, they are crowding the child molesters! Rant concluded, this was suppose to be about 'respect.'

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  1. Right next to the PetSmart coupon, nice!!!