Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday Night

Last night I hit the opening at Mainsite to see the lovely, breastfeeding Angelina Jolie. When I arrived there were press folks everywhere. I knew this ordeal had been hyped up but I certainly underestimated the naked Angelina. The entire gallery felt stuffy and awkward. People were hesitant to move about because of all the guys in suits holding microphones. Not to mention, massive cameras peeping at the statue from every angle. The gallery operators seemed to foster this (of course) which made it seem like the spectators (art fans, supporters, the people that really matter/care) were second bill. [I should have previously mentioned this could potentially turn into a rant.] After 20/30 minutes the press headed out and things were as they should be in an art gallery. Laughter, mingling, and some fantastic art. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed by the headliner. I expected she would be life size, instead she was 2/3 scale. It's a good thing the backup work was out of this world! I have decided I love, love, love Xvala! I wish I had the wall space and 5k...I would have found a way to take the silver painting home with me!These two artist, Kolbe Roper, and Micheal Wilson, are both extraordinary. Kolbe was in seveal of my screen printing classes and seems to be doing very well in the art scene. He has always been a tremendously hard worker so I'm happy to see he's been successful. Micheal was the T.A./G.A. for several of my printmaking classes. She produces some great mono-prints. She was actually there last night doing some live prints. A lot of her work revolves around the process and performance of creating the prints. One thing I realized last night was how important it is for the artist to attend the opening. Of course, Daniel Edwards (probably to famous to appear at a little gallery in Norman, Oklahoma) was not present. Kolbe was not present either(disappointment!). After talking to Micheal, I realized that I value hearing from the artist. I think I would only purchase art (given the funds) if I could speak with the artist.

For me, art isn't about investment, it isn't about names or fame, it's about relationships, experiences, and passion. I do think you can still have that special connection without knowing the artist but personally, I become enthralled with the work and can't wait to take a peek behind the scenes. And now, [Drumroll please] for my favorite work in the show: These were done by "The Dirty Fabulous." I don't know anything about him/her/them. Maybe they were there and I didn't even know it, but I really want to meet the person behind this wonderful work. I couldn't stop staring at the pieces. They were full of exotic imagery and the colors were just stellar. My photographs can not begin to describe the magnitude of this work.

After the show, Barb and I went to OKC to check out "Live at the Plaza." Barb had never been to the area and she wanted to see exactly what she had gotten her self into when she agreed to participate in the festival in October. They had a nice turn out for a stormy night and luckily we didn't see a drop while we were perusing. They had some really neat vintage stores and live music. Made for pretty exciting Friday night. Thanks for listening. And, in case you were curious, I didn't come home with that hat but I couldn't resist trying it on.

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