Friday, September 4, 2009

The Stars

Generally speaking this summer has been a hit. I'm feeling better about my life, about my goals and where I want to be. I'm still a bit unclear on my career aspirations but maybe there's hope? My horoscope this week seems promising:
"Before she became a rock goddess, Gwen Stefani cleaned the floors at an ice cream parlor. Prior to ascending to stardom, Ellen Degeneres was an oyster shucker, Keanu Reeves worked as a janitor, and Brad Pitt performed as a giant chicken mascot. As for me, my gig as an internationally syndicated astrologer was not my first.
Among many other things, I washed enough pots and pans in cheap restaurants to fulfill my dishwashing karma for my next five incarnations. I hope these examples inspire you, Sagittarius. Even during the down economy, the next six months will provide you with ripe astrological conditions for upgrading your job. and the coming weeks will be prime time to brainstorm about how to go about it."
-Rob Brezsny
I'm looking forward to what's in the stars! This evening was magnificent. I cruised the streets of Norman for an hour or so:It's been awhile, but I reminisce. Sometimes I can feel it radiating from others and it's inspiring... These are some sculptures outside of the Firehouse Art Center. I have another busy weekend ahead of me. Luckily, it's a long weekend. I plan on making my first trek to Lawton to visit one of my friends and I may also jaunt over to the Chandler area...nothing like touring Oklahoma!

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