Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crafty Extras

Among all the pressure and stress of portfolio building I turned some of my stencils to the crafty side. It's so much fun to grab a hold of some embroidery floss and mix it with spray paint. Bridging art gaps as well as generational divides! Always layered. Sometimes I wish I could just turn it of and rest but it seems it's beyond my control. A lack of substance perhaps?

To wind down, I craft. See? I made four sets of napkins. The other two sold. One was a rooster and one was a bike. They were pretty snazzy. To bad it slipped my mind to photograph. I hope they are nestled away in some tissue paper and tied with a bow. These are little hanging notepads. There was one with a fish but it found a happy home. I guess dogs and kitties are just in over abundance and unwanted. Poor things. Coffee cozy! These have kept me busy while I have been monitoring finals. The green one is reversible. I'm no sure how practical it's going to be since the buttons on both sides are a bit obtrusive. I suppose I'll dish it out as a X-mas gift and ask for feedback. If they don't like it I'll fix it. Maybe one of you kind readers will be fortunate enough to find this under your tree!

This is the last week of finals hopefully I will have more to show by Friday! Ideas welcome!

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