Friday, December 11, 2009

A Week of Celebration

Last night I had one last birthday celebration. Tuesday I partied with my buddies and last night I went out to a nice dinner with my family. We usually meet at someone's house for some snacks and cake and ice cream. This year I requested we go out and do something different. It's not as financially responsible but it was a nice change of pace. Bonus: No one was left with a dirty kitchen! We dined at 'Sake' where they cook your food on a Hibachi grill. It's delicious and entertaining.Fried rice. Made with plenty of fresh ingredients and LOVE! Veggies and a farm of chicken. Onion volcano. Add gas and RUN! "Birthday Special." I ate that whole thing. Really. I don't share. Familia de Zorn with warm hearts and full bellies.

It was a splendid night. I'm blessed to have a healthy family. And, (for the most part) we all get along. I enjoy seeing them, it's never an inconvenience. They beat materials and gifts any day! As the years fly by, I realize our weave is an anomaly and I grasp it. Love you guys!

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