Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas, Punk!

First things first, Merry Holidays! Here in my neck of the woods, we're encountering some nasty weather. We can't get snow, instead, sleet and ice. This puts quite a damper on holiday travels. It's to bad. Hopefully it will level out by tomorrow. My official Christmas greeting. As you can see, it's easy for me to get carried away in my research. It's good practice, keeps those Photoshop skills sharp.

On a serious note, Happy Birthday to my paternal grandpa, "Pop!" I have so many memories with my pop; planting corn, buying me the craziest clothing ensembles and teaching me to aim and fire. I love, love, love you! I made him this business card holder to celebrate his birthday. I embroidered our 'family crest' on the front. Well, not our official crest but the modern version, Diamond Zorn, our bread and butter. We were suppose to have a family lunch in his honor but the weather mucked it up. To bad. [Side note: Yes, that's my mug. The state deserves no smile.]

So his birthday is covered. What about Christmas? Let me just say, guys are very tough when it comes to gift ideas. Unfortunately, it's not any easier to make gifts for them. Most of my work is pretty 'crafty.' Stuff your grandma would get a kick out of. That being said,I'm very excited to give Pop his gifts. A lot of thought and preparation went into each. Again, I think reflecting about the person is really what Christmas and gift giving is all about. I made 95% of my gifts this year, It was no easy feat, I'm tapped out. Hopefully it will all be worth it, seeing their (delighted?) faces as they open them. Without further ado, Pop's Christmas gift: It's a pistol case. I cut and painted this stencil. Now the Christmas greeting above makes sense? I think any gun toter would be happy to have this bad boy. Guys, eat your heart out! I'll be signing out for the next few days. Stay warm and smile! Much love and lots of jollies!


  1. ooh wow! those turned out fantastic!! lovely! also, glad to see that you're an organ donor.


  2. Thanks! A lot of bloody finger tips and love went into the business card holder.

    As as far as the organ donor thing, you know I love humanity!