Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Being Resourceful

This time of yes is suppose to be full of smiles and holiday cheer but all I have time for is work, work. Just as I finish up one thing, another falls into my lap. Someone is always tapping me for creative juice. It's draining. Yesterday I was asked to contribute some money for one of the big wigs here at work. I just don't have it. The state cuts my check and then they take it all back at the end of the year via property taxes. Since I wasn't quick to throw down the cash, they asked that I just worry about the packaging.

Sounds easy? Well, it's tough when you don't really know the broad. They were expecting something thoughtful with a handmade touch. I did my best. I know she likes Native American and Southwest paraphernalia. She creates these intricate containers with woven pine needles and gourds. They're very well done and since she's a crafty lady herself so the pressure is on. Today has been a slow day so I decided to work on the CD sleeve a bit. They bought her some software and my job was to cover it. An Oklahoma sunset and some cave drawings. Better than a 'plain jane' jewel case. Merry Holidays!

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