Wednesday, December 9, 2009

24 Down

24 yeas ago yesterday, I was born on a cold, December morning. My mom was in labor for nearly 24 hours and I'm sure it was a blessing when I finally arrived via cesarean. The guys at work were kind enough to buy me lunch. I got lots of birthday wishes and a lovely scarf from my student employee, Alex. My roomie bought me a CD I've been coveting, some bitchin' big ear bobs and some chocolate YEAH!

To celebrate we headed up to OKC, fed our faces at Big Truck Taco and then hopped over to Sara Sara cupcakes for dessert. It was a blast. Afterward, my friend Sarah and I grabbed a couple of drinks. She bought me one of the 'holiday special' shots, 'gingerbread man.' Eh, interesting? My first shot. I don't take shots. I think it was a good shot for a novice. I had a great time. BTT Truck! Good eats. Daily special: Veggie Quesadillas! Something else. Asparagus, mushrooms, goat cheese, etc. etc. Tacos? She tried the bison. Verdict: Spicy. Pat on the back for one delicious steak burrito. My cousins made an appearance and brought gifts. They're keepers! Sara Sara was dressed for Christmas. Cupcake adorned tree. Oh the variety! Makes me cry (bittersweet, wish I could try 'em all). Verdict? Two "Count Rockullas" (only because it was a special occasion) and a single vanilla. Devour. This thing was tough to manage. Must have been the bag of roasted marshmallows atop. Sarah entertained us with the lively marshmallows. El Fin!

Thanks for those that played nice and participated on a week night. Love you guys!


  1. I think you are forgetting to add details to this blog. haha.....

  2. sorry that i missed the party. it looks like you guys had an awesome time.

  3. T, I have been trying to tighten my filter. Those details are better left in the real world where they don't scar. You know this! :)

    Flea, no worries girl! Maybe next time.