Monday, December 21, 2009

Big Plans

Among all the holiday hustle and bustle I've been feeling a little anxious. Like I need to get away, make a jump. Part of it is procrastination and stress involved with getting my graduate portfolio ready to go. I'm ready, I'm just lacking in a decent camera and the ability to take photographs that properly represent the work.

It doesn't help that my roommate also has a hankerin' to make a break. Can't say I blame her. We plan on taking a day trip to Tulsa before the new year but it's going to be tough. While I was contemplating when we could race down the T-pike, I started thinking about all the other places we have discussed going. I made a map. Its a list of our hopes and dreams for 2010. I think we can easily fit these in if we hit a spot once a month. Figure in our frequents to Tulsa and I think we have our year of trips set. There's no particular order, perhaps it will hinge on the weather. I can't wait to bust into the new year!

View Celebrate 2010 in a larger map I've burned it a time or two. Lawton. Krebs-Choc. Mm. Ass shakin' good time? Hope so. "Big D" Drivin' Dancin' Drinkin' Eureka Springs. Santa Fe. Lawrence with snow.

I think it's a nice blend of big city, small town, "into the wild" travels. Now we just need a cash cow to get us through. I've tried to pick things we could drive in a day and perhaps turn into a weekend stay (pending funding). First things first, portfolio and then San Fran! Upon return I'm going to need to ease back into swing of things with a small road trip. Not only will I be out of my element for 10 days, I'll also be without my own set of wheels! I know I'll be burning to pick up my pooch and hit the road. Most likely, Tulsa first and then Celebration 2010 will commence! Itchin' already!

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