Monday, December 7, 2009

Friday Night Art

Last Friday the Paseo Art District in OKC was having their monthly art walk. Even though the temperature was freezing, I braved the weather. I have never been to the Paseo art walk but after last Friday I know I'll hit it again. There are more galleries than I was aware of and each was chalked full of beautiful art and holiday snacks. It was quite a treat for the senses. Open and festive. Note the scull adorned tree in the window. Inviting and full of cheer! Mmm. Hot Chocolate compliments of the neighborhood society. Hot hats and gingerbread cookies. Pink foil trees and lollipops. So Hollywood. Again, we make ornaments. This time out of garbage. Similar to birds making nest. YeeHAW! Oddly enough, the cowboy get up was a hit in the art district. I got lots of compliments on my hat. Who'd-a-thunk? Gotta love Oklahoma!

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