Monday, December 21, 2009

Pay it Forward

Remember what the generous guys at work got me for Christmas this year? See, our office does 'Secret Santa' so that we don't have to feel the burden of buying 4 different gifts. Since the guys went out and bought me a little something extra I decided to make them a little something. Check out these pocket protectors I made! Perfect for the geek in your life, and personalized.The one on the left is for James. He carries a coffee cup with different types of guns all over it. We share a common thread when it comes to firepower. On the right, Pete's with the comic book character, "Savage Dragon." I don't know much about the character but he said that's his favorite. It does get much nerdier than pocket protectors and comic book characters.

I hope they get a kick out of these and don't take offense. I just thought it too good an idea to pass up. Fingers crossed for a lots of jollies and no furrowed brows.

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