Monday, December 21, 2009

An Early Christmas

Last Saturday marked my first official 'Christmas Celebration' of 2009. My grandpa came up from DFW for Christmas dinner and a gift exchange. There was no scrimping, Mom had the halls decked as if it were really Christmas day. Let the games begin! The dining room. The lovely china cabinet and my painting in action. Every holiday season my mom makes a deliciously, spicy chex mix. It's the best I've ever had. Everyone always looks forward to it and probably eats enough in one month to tide them over for the year. Last year we started the tradition of making labels for the containers. This is the 2009, 2nd edition. He guards the door and the coveted chex mix! The great room fully dressed in it's finest holiday attire. Each year mom does something different. These trees were new this year, she made them from her artificial tree and the trunks were plucked from their acerage. She drilled holes into the trunks and inserted the artificial branches. She could kick wonder woman's ass any day! Ready and awaiting Santa. I live for that fire. Mom's garage sale find transformed into a lovely white Santa! Again, just look at her talent, she's amazing! My grandma made that nativity scene years ago. It always rest on that table, every year for as long as I can remember. That house was made by Vern, one of my relatives on my dads side. It's quite a masterpiece as well. The moose seems to be a reoccurring theme this season. The hidden table. We had quite a crowd. Mom had to hide a table in the living room. It was for the black sheep of the family, like me. If you look closely you can see one of my pieces framed and hung. That was mom's birthday present from me this year. That frame sure did the trick! We've stuffed our faces, let the gifting begin! "Yes, dad, put that pie down. We are waiting on you!" Flashing the loot. Yours truly with my 'Mohawk Santa.' Proof that I closely resemble this man? I will say I do not like football as he does. Guess his team of choice? My mom and her new snazzy get up. My mom is anticipating her dad opening his gift from her. Katy modeling granddad's 'chocolate covered bacon.' My mom got quite the kick out of gifting this. Granddad enjoying his tasty treat. He proceeded to pass it around the room. It wasn't half bad. I'd consume a bar if someone handed it to me. Finally, more food! Dessert. It was quite a kick-off to the holiday! One down, several more to go. Jingle all the way!

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