Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas, Day Late

...but filled with love. The electricity is a burnin' and presents fill the living room. We're very lucky, blessed, if you will. There was sustenance. Lots of it, dark, light, sweet and savory. Blessed, it's the word. My dear cousin, Carmen, plays out that domestic stereotype with her mother. They set the table as Grandma puts her magic touch on the goods in the kitchen. Men? Holding down those sofas, as usual. Traditional, but still fortunate, small price. These are the three pieces I made Carmen for Christmas. They revolve around our inside jokes, and things that make us chuckle. They were a hit, we even reiterated each story to inquiring minds. That chicken head is a rendering of a chicken costume my family owns. Strange, I know, but they used to rent costumes so we have some gems from those days. Carmen used to be deathly afraid of the chicken head when she was a wee lass. After realizing this phenomena, her uncle Clayton continuously taunted her every time she came to visit. Hence her expression above. Oh those uncles! Pop, blushing. (By the way, he adored the gifts I created for him. Nana, a tad embarrassed. My uncle, Steve and my aunt, Whitney, were responsible for the gin and panties. Those are suppose to be her two 'good kids.' Tables have turned?

This Christmas made for some interesting gifts. Have my grandparents slipped in their moral high standing? Apparently, they have. Why else would they gift my god-fearing, grandfather a bottle of Bombay Sapphire? And to my modest grandmother, ruffled panties? Lord help us! I can gladly state that my family (surprisingly) had nothing to do with either gift. We try to be on our best behavior around my paternal side. It's merely respect, but, I guess things have lightened as our belts losen. That's it! It's the massive quantities of sugar ingested this season. Only four days left until it's time to shape up! I'm sure I'll have at least one more Christmas event to cover, so be excited, or beware.

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