Thursday, December 3, 2009

Breaking the Rules

It's been a slow day. Sadly, I have an even slower week ahead of me. Next Monday, the students begin the first week of their brutal, two weeks of finals. I have the pleasure of administering laptop finals which mean I get to sit at a table in four hour blocks in case anyone encounters computer issues. FUN! This semester I've come prepared. Stocked up on things to work on in CS4 and some other side projects. Since today has been creeping, I decided to dip into my stash. I wish my job incorporated things like this: I'd be a happier camper. I need a creative outlook that provides bennies. I have to shuffle around when I catch someone at my door. I've tried to keep it in the corner but I'm sure when I turn around with paper glued to my fingers they know I'm up to no good. Rules are made to be broken!

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