Friday, December 4, 2009

A Lighter Christmas

Bah Humbug. Christmas, GRrrr! As if the holidays aren't enough to bear, our family will celebrate the holidays minus two, loyal family members. Today, my dad dug a hole next to Rico (who passed a few months ago) for his older sister, Pepper. "Sweet P" was exactly the opposite of her burly, lil bro. She was petite and dainty and galloped like a little deer. She was a lot like a cat, things took place under her terms. She also had the fastest, little, snake tongue and she never hesitated to let you know she wanted attention. Pepper was always the commander. She lead the battles and Rico followed. Together they were the most vicious ankle biters in Oklahoma!
My mom isn't taking this lose very well, two deaths within a couple of months is a hard pill to swallow. I'm sure it won't get any better as family begins to descend upon her home for the holidays inquiring about the absence of the pooches. My thoughts are with her and I'm already having to refrain from driving down to the pound to find the perfect big dog to help ease the pain. Mom had always had big dogs until they got these two about 15 years ago. She's always said that once they were gone she was going to get another big dog. She needs some time to enjoy her freedom from pet obligations but I'm thinking 2010 will be a year of puppy breath for the Zorn household.

As for Pepper and Rico, we'll miss you this Christmas. Who will be there to vacuum the scraps of comfort food lost to gravity over the holidays? Rest in peace. We love you!

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