Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunday, A Day for Work

Sunday, Zola and I went out for our weekly parental visit. She had a difficult time adjusting to being the only mutt around. My parents enjoyed her company and grumbled about how much the missed Pepper. Poor dears. Needless to say, I had a chat with my mother and I think it's ok to be hunting for a puppy.

I was suppose to help her begin her extravagant decorations for Christmas but instead she wound up helping me with gift bags for my student employees. The 'big boys' at work funded the project and I did the work. Of course, I can't just go the simple route and hand them some lack luster bags. Sometimes you just have to give it your all. I picked up these wal-mart shopping bags cheaper than you could grab a gift bag and used scraps of fabric to monogram their initials. There were 8, it was quite a job. My mom's assistance was greatly appreciated. Inside, I filled the bags with lots of edible goodies, some good, some junk. It's about balance. Hopefully this will help a little as they spend sleepless nights studying for finals. It's an early X-mas present/care package.

They all thoroughly enjoy the customization, even the guys. Now I just have to clear some time for my mom. She really needs my push to make "X-mas with Zorn 2009" the greatest show on earth. What a weekend!

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