Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Space, Please.

These days, wall space is hard to come by. I guess that means I need to learn to market my work. I have several reason why I haven't tried hocking my work. The biggest, and probably most unreasonable, is because each piece is like a child. It's something that spawned from within, I nurtured it and helped it grow. I suppose if I were approached by a potential buyer I wouldn't have a hard time parting with it but it just feels wrong to push it like a used car salesman. I know, I know, it seems lazy but really I'm just sentimental. I'm sure after the first big sale I will see dollar signs and all hell will break lose but for now, my pieces remain my ball and chain. As a result...this is a view of my studio as it currently stands. It's beginning to feel a little crowded. This is a piece I started for my mom. She just purchased a beautiful, art deco era, china cabinet and she requested a piece to hang above. She asked for something that she could hang for the holidays and potentially stay throughout the year. Since one of her nicknames is 'moose' and I seem to have an attraction to animals with horns, I decided to run with it.

I started the painting at her house with very little resources. She sprung it on me suddenly as she handed me a piece of Masonite and some craft paints. Last night, I added the black outline and the 'flourishes.' Upon some reflection, I decided I didn't like the black face. It was just to heavy and distracting I wanted something more fluid. I decided to simplify. I'm not completely satisfied but I decided to stop and let her take a gander before I went overboard. Hopefully it will be a hit. Fingers crossed.

Amongst all the hustle and bustle and DIY projects I've inflicted on myself this season, I decided I needed a little 'me' time. Last night I had my hairs cut: Ahhh. Nothing like waking up with a "new do" and some added sass. Now I just have to finish up my graduate portfolio and knock out these holiday projects! No time for fun, just swingin' the hammer from dawn 'til dusk. Wish me luck!

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