Monday, December 7, 2009

Paseo Favorites

The variety of art in the Paseo is astonishing. I can't believe such narrow stretch of road can harbor such diversity. It was refreshing. I was proud to see such a turn out, given the frigid weather. Even cute girls in classy tights and jacket showed looking tip top. Taraneh even popped up in a piece. Strange. With the help of some sort of substance(s) this guy turned his work into a performance piece behind glass. Wild. This artist was my absolute favorite. His name is Tony Westlund. His compositions and stencils were amazing. I love seeing work like this in a gallery. We share some common themes within our work. TWO!

Just when we thought we had seen it all, we caught these fine pieces on the way to he car:Dead on arrival? Because we aren't sell outs.

I had a boot, scootin' good time! Sometimes I lose site of Oklahoma 'art scene.' Through stereotypes and a see of red counties I lose site that this state has a lot to offer for an artist. Friday I was proud to be traipsing through OKC; seeing artist and people support the arts was very inspiring. There's always hope!


  1. I'm going to get my hair cut like my portrait. make it even more true. lol