Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back in the Swing

Greetings! It's been awhile. I spent a good three days out in the boonies, snowed in, disconnected and content. I also managed to get a couple of Christmas obligations out of the way. Due to the weather, I still have one to go but we'll be lucky if we fit it in before we ring in the new year. Starting December 24, Oklahoma experienced "Blizzard 2009:" It fell ...and fell. It's raccoon, passed down 3 generations. First time it's been cold enough to wear it since my birth. A whopping 14" in the metro. December 24th 2009, marks the largest snowfall in Oklahoma's history. Christmas day the snowed stopped. Our large, family dinner was postponed, but we had a quaint little get together. After lunch, we placed layer upon layer and hopped outside. I attempted to make a snowman but it was to powdery. Instead, I made this pooch: Jackpot? Everyone was pretty worn after playing in the snow. Z has never embraced the cold. After play, there shall be work. It's only fair. I craft (A beard of fur?). Christmas day I finished up this guy. My mom I collaborated on constructing the pattern. I put it together and composed all the details. I will further discuss his birth later this week. It was a relaxing yet, productive Christmas. I also love a change! I hope everyone had a safe and fulfilling holiday.

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