Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Birthday Wishes

To my fabulous mother! 49! Next year will be huge. Half a century, quite a feat. And to think, almost half of that was spent enduring countless hours around me. She deserves a gift just for that. Today we made a run to the city to have lunch with my aunt and cousin. I took the rest of the afternoon off to finish up some Halloween preparations. Odd, I know, but it's the greatest holiday of the year. I would trade Christmas for Halloween any day. On the way back from lunch we stopped by Byron's, the largest liquor store I've ever seen. It also has the best prices. If you are still weary about attending the party, think again. I'm prepared, guaranteed good time! In honor of my mom's b-day I had to snap a shot. Can you believe she's almost 50? I can't! She looks lovely and she's extremely creative and talented. She may be the only thing I wouldn't trade for Halloween. On a side note, the veil is part of my costume that arrived today. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not crazy enough to wear things like that around on a Tuesday. I just happened to be unloading my trunk.

Happy Birthday MOM!

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