Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Shame

Last night was great. I went over to the Hills to eat some frito chili pie. It was the best frito chili pie I have ever tasted. It may very well be the best FC pie ever made and maybe even the largest. Just look: There were tons of ingredients which comprised the homemade chili. I was told one of the most important was the unsweetned bakers chocolate. Just roll with it because this dish was absolutely delectable. My contribution was a bottle of Rodney Strong,Sauvignon blanc(My fave). After a couple of glass I also provided some rather "questionable" entertainment. It began fairly innocent, Just some talk of crafts and Martha Stewart. There may have been some evil plotting but we will burn the evidence later. An excuse to party, again. At this point Doug and I had pretty much polished off the bottle. This was the only thing left I could do. I was trying to see if I could persuade it to make some more sweet nectar. After all, the liquor stores close at 9pm. Sad. Taraneh playing coy. As if she has never been exposed to such lude behavior. Ok. Well, maybe I understand. This is pretty indecent. Apologies. It's all Rodney's fault.She did laugh a little but there was hesitation. Just look at that complexion! Here we were a pretty settled. I was ready to hit the hay with my borrowed copy of "Martha Stewart Living." What has my blog become? What have I become? Oh the memories!

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