Monday, October 19, 2009

More Costumes

I have three costumes to deal with this Halloween. One for work, the mac. One for the "Broomstick Bitches" party and one for trick-or-treating. Yes, I am trick-or-treating. I'm going as a ghost. Simple yet affective. No one will suspect I'm 23. Chocolatey candy laced with needles and drugs here I come! I've had plenty of ideas for my party attire but they have all fallen through. Too ambitious for such a minimal duration. Last Friday, after oogling Martha's Halloween issue, I decide on my costume. Runaway bride packin' some heavy metal. This is going to work. I was inspired by Martha's "Gray Lady" costume. They stenciled lace onto the models face using white paint and a doily. I'm all over it. I had to think of a costume that would allow me utilize this technique. If you can't visualize check out the magazine. I failed at finding a photo online. My mom still has her wedding dress so she brought it over last weekend so I could try it. Turns out, I'm not 98lbs. No way I was squeezing into that beauty. Luckily, we had my aunts and it fits like a glove. I used it in high school for medieval play so I had to remove a bunch of regalia I had sewn on for that. Now it needs a bath. I wish I could have fit into my mom's dress, I like it much better but I can't complain, there's no expense. I will have to buy a gun and a garter and find some way to pin up side of the dress. I'm going to wear the gun on my thigh...hotness? It's going to be great. I'm super excited. I'm trying to drum up some enthusiasm, I want to see all of my loyal readers at my Halloween Extravaganza! The dress doesn't look like much but I think with a veil and some leg it will be a hit! It's definitely a change for me. I usually go as a character but the only corporate/mass media influence I had this year was Martha. I don't think that really counts. It's not really possible to avoid Martha's influence when planning the best Halloween ever, is it?

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  1. i don't know why but that magazine just freaks me out! maybe because of the donuts on a string picture?